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PERSCOM Soldier Managerment System 1.1.1

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A personnel and operational management tool developed by Deschutes Design Group LLC in association with the 3rd Infantry Division Realism Unit.

PERSCOM is a versatile soldier management tool developed by Deschutes Design Group in association with the 3rd Infantry Division Realism Unit to help military or civilian based groups manage members, track progress and improve operational efficiencies. The system contains multiple features that help units reduce "clutter" work and helps all members get back to what matters most, the goals of the group and its associated community. PERSCOM is constantly evolving and new features are being developed.

PERSCOM features several modules that can be enabled/disabled to meet your group's needs as well as a powerful backend permission system that allows full control over each part of the application.


  • Comprehensive personnel files with ability to add your own custom fields.
  • Service record system that tracks a members progress through their service time with an integrated document system.
  • Combat record system to track deployments and engagements.
  • Assignment record system to maintain an accurate accounting of all transfers within your organization.
  • Forum group management integration - allow PERSCOM to move your soldiers between forum groups as they move within your organization.
  • Fully integrated application system with custom field development and interactive applicant/recruiter interface.
  • Activity tracking system that prevents members from hiding under the shadows. Automatically apply actions to members who do not meet an intended activity requirement.
  • Expandable and comprehensive application interface that allows you to set up the application to best work with your organization.
  • An interactive and customizable dashboard to keep track on all transactions happening within your organization.
  • A powerful personnel action request system that allows you to create forms for members to fill out, manage and process personnel data.
  • Create and save documents that are use throughout your organization. Integrate them with our records management system, application system or personnel action request system.


  1. https://3rdinf.us/perscom/


  • Invision Power Board 4




URL: https://dev.deschutesdesigngroup.com

Username: Demo User

Password: d3m01!

* For your information, some features have been restricted for security.

** This copy of PERSCOM is used for development purposes and is under constant development and upgrade. Features will be different than the live copy for download and you may experience errors.

*** For that reason, you can use this live demo version of PERSCOM to see what is coming down the pipeline.


    What's New in Version 1.1.1   See changelog



    • Added the MemberFilter extension to allow filtering of soldiers in the Bulk Mail and Group Promotion features.
    • Personnel File and Personnel Action Request Custom Fields now have assignable permissions. Prevent some groups from viewing certain data on your personnel file! Don't see a custom field? You may need to re-save the custom field's permissions to implement them!
    • While were at it, Documents also have permissions now as well! Have a document that is just for your unit? Make sure the world doesn't see it!
    • Don't use first and last names, but rather handles? Switch from managing a soldier's first and last name to a managing a single name.
    • You can now change a soldier's supervisor when filing an assignment record.
    • Documents has a new tag to display the new assignment supervisor.
    • Choose which form fields you want to display on an Assignment Order in the settings menu.
    • Set parameters for tasks to ignore while running such as soldier status and combat unit.
    • Turn on application status change comments and have PERSCOM automatically post to your application forum topic when an application status is updated.
    • Change the status of a soldier when they report in. If you change soldiers status when they miss a report in, this will allow PERSCOM to automatically change their status back when they report in.
    • Set permissions on a Personnel Action Request Form specifying who can manage (approve/deny) specific form submissions.


    • Fixed a bug that prevented Personnel Action Request from being submitted if not all the fields were used on the form.
    • If you delete a personnel action request custom field, it will now also delete it from any forms it is being used on.
    • If a personnel action request form does not have a field yet, the language string won't appear empty in the table as it did before.
    • The report in task no longer fails with an empty report in date.
    • Enlistment service record entry now uses the application submission date rather then the date the application was processed.
    • Assignment Orders changed a little in the sense that now each field will default to "Do not change" unless explicitly changed by the administrator. This forces the administrator to only specify what is changing in the assignment order rather than trying to set each field. If a field is marked "Do not change", it will use the current value of the soldier.
    • Editing assignment orders will no longer change a soldier's personnel data. You must file a new Assignment Order every time you want to change the soldier's data.
    • Notification emails now properly send.
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