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PERSCOM Soldier Managerment System 1.2.0

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A personnel and operational management tool developed by Deschutes Design Group LLC in association with the 3rd Infantry Division Realism Unit.

PERSCOM is a versatile soldier management tool developed by Deschutes Design Group in association with the 3rd Infantry Division Realism Unit to help military or civilian based groups manage members, track progress and improve operational efficiencies. The system contains multiple features that help units reduce "clutter" work and helps all members get back to what matters most, the goals of the group and its associated community. PERSCOM is constantly evolving and new features are being developed.

PERSCOM features several modules that can be enabled/disabled to meet your group's needs as well as a powerful backend permission system that allows full control over each part of the application.


  • Comprehensive personnel files with ability to add your own custom fields.
  • Service record system that tracks a members progress through their service time with an integrated document system.
  • Combat record system to track deployments and engagements.
  • Assignment record system to maintain an accurate accounting of all transfers within your organization.
  • Forum group management integration - allow PERSCOM to move your soldiers between forum groups as they move within your organization.
  • Fully integrated application system with custom field development and interactive applicant/recruiter interface.
  • Activity tracking system that prevents members from hiding under the shadows. Automatically apply actions to members who do not meet an intended activity requirement.
  • Expandable and comprehensive application interface that allows you to set up the application to best work with your organization.
  • An interactive and customizable dashboard to keep track on all transactions happening within your organization.
  • A powerful personnel action request system that allows you to create forms for members to fill out, manage and process personnel data.
  • Create and save documents that are use throughout your organization. Integrate them with our records management system, application system or personnel action request system.
  • A power roster system that allows you to assign combat units and administrative units in a many-to-many relationship, sorting personnel based on whatever field you want.


  1. https://3rdinf.us/perscom/


  • Web Server (Apache, nGinx)
  • Invision Power Board
  • PHP 7.1 or greater
  • IonCube Loader 10.1.0 or greater

NOTE: If you are using Invision Power Service's Cloud Hosting which does not allow encoded files at this time, Deschutes Design Group LLC can install an unencoded version of the application at no extra cost.

Installing IonCube Loader

Installation instructions for installing the IonCube Loader extension can be found here: IonCube Loader Installation Instructions


  1. Log in to Invision Power Board's ACP and proceed to Settings -> Applications using the menu on the left hand side. Click the orange "Install" button at the top right corner of the page, select the .tar file and upload the application.
  2. PERSCOM will then automatically proceed with the install process.
  3. Once the install process has finished, using the menu on the left, visit the License Key section of PERSCOM under Operations. Copy the "Website URL" exactly how it appears and make sure it matches the Website URL with Deschutes Design Group LLC.
  4. Click Change License Key at the top right and input your License Key issued to you by Deschutes Design Group LLC. The license key is available in the Client Area of our website or the email you received when purchasing PERSCOM.


PERSCOM can be upgraded in a similar way as it was installed. Locate the PERSCOM application in your ACP and click the dropdown menu, selecting Upload a new version. Select the new .tar file and the upgrade process will proceed automatically. Once the upgrade process has finished, the application has finished the upgrade process.




    URL: https://dev.deschutesdesigngroup.com

    Username: Demo User

    Password: d3m01!

    * For your information, some features have been restricted for security.

    ** This copy of PERSCOM is used for development purposes and is under constant development and upgrade. Features will be different than the live copy for download and you may experience errors.

    *** For that reason, you can use this live demo version of PERSCOM to see what is coming down the pipeline.


      What's New in Version 1.2.0   See changelog



      • NEW FEATURE: Promotion Points. Track promotion points for each soldier, determining if they are eligible for Promotion. PERSCOM will even let you know when you have a solider eligible.
      • NEW FEATURE: Notes. Add notes to a soldier, tracking them throughout their tenure with your organization. Notes will be a new tab in a soldier's personnel file. Assign permissions to note to control who can see the note.
      • NEW FEATURE: Rosters. Assign your combat units and administrative units to a roster, allowing a viewer to switch between rosters. This provides further customization of your organizational hierarchy. Rosters work on a one-to-one or one-to-many relationship. They are very customizable. A Combat unit must be assigned to a roster, while administrative units do not. We'll create your first roster in the upgrade process.
      • New powerful personnel sort options. Choose how your personnel are sorted on a per-roster basis.
      • Modified the soldiers table in the ACP to display columns only you want to see.
      • Added several more statistics to the personnel ACP page.
      • *** Files are now encoded with IonCube. You must have the IonCube Loader installed to run this application. ***


      • Fixed a permission bug that prevented an admin from adding a service/combat records using the multimod feature on the manage soldier page.
      • Searching within the ACP now properly returns the items you are looking for.
      • Assigning a soldier to an administrative unit now properly places them in their corresponding forum group.
      • Permission bug fixed for Personnel Custom Fields. You can now properly assign permissions and attach to an application custom field.
      • Weapon permissions now properly work.
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