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How are PARs handled?

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As the title says, I had a question about how Personnel Action Requests are handled. Are they just lumped into the system where a defined group receives all of them? If so, my suggestion would be to add an option where a PAR is only seen by relevant personnel, such as PARs for squad members going to their squad leader, etc. But of course allowing for flexibility, since some of my PARs will require a level of approval far above someone's immediate first-line supervisor. 

I feel like providing a description of how most of PERSCOM's functions actually work would be helpful. Most of us are just figuring this out as we go. I feel like we may not even understand the true scope and power of PERSCOM 2.0, so a little guidance would be helpful. Basically, what can it actually do? Type of thing.

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Correct, they all appear in the system in one spot. The only permissions that can be set are who can submit them. Optionally, I can add a permission for who can manage them as well. But for the time being, creating the ability for PARs to go to certain places, squad leaders etc, is a little specific. Until a organizational chart can be built into the back end to help manage chain of command, it’ll be hard to implement that correctly. But I will add the option to choose who can manage them.


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