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I was looking through the 3rd ID's website at their PERSCOM, as the original creators and users, getting ideas for how certain things could be done. When I did this I noticed PERSCOM there is drastically different than what is being sold. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Ranks included in the name on the roster list
  • Profile and steam links, and local flag on the roster list
  • MOS 'image' on roster list
  • A vastly superior/cleaner demographics page on the solider profile, and the neatly arranged 'Timeline'

Are these planned updates or customizations intended to be done by the individual customers? If the latter, is there any support for this?

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All of these are individual customization that we have made for our site.

This is how we look with default template files: 

Same is true for the demographics and timeline.



The Steam  ID is a custom field which is available within PERSCOM.

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