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  1. Jon Erickson

    Editor Form on Update Application Status

    I like all these options and will work to include them in the next update!
  2. Jon Erickson

    Batch Processes

    I’ve already started building this in so that all record updates of all types can handle one soldier at a time or a list. Stay tuned for the next update.
  3. Jon Erickson

    How are PARs handled?

    The next update will include the ability to assign a specific group that can handle a specific form submission. At this time and after much discussion, there will not be away to assign a specific soldier to manage a form, such as a supervisor. This is because this goes against IPBs native ability to handle permissions. IPB is built on group based permissions, not member based permissions and thus has no functionality to handle such requests. So for your case, if you want “Personnel Clerks” to handle a specific form, you just create a forum group for them and then you will be able to assign them to the form you wish. Hope this makes sense!
  4. Jon Erickson

    PAR Details - Demographics

    Easy fix! Love it!
  5. Jon Erickson

    Ask A Question Plugin

    Version 1.0.1


    The Ask A Question plugin provides a simple plug-in-play utility for the Invision Power Board system that adds a small call-to-action form in the bottom right corner of your website. Use this plugin to direct users to a message, contact or support form on your website. The plugin is completely configurable and can be customized to match your website.


  6. Jon Erickson

    Assignment Record Issue

    Changed Status to Closed
  7. Jon Erickson

    Assignment Record Issue

    I found the bug and its been fixed! Also upgraded the ability of the search function in each of the records, it now returns more for each search.
  8. Jon Erickson

    Admin Units Lang String

    You got it!
  9. Jon Erickson

    Time Locality

    At this time, IPB sets each users timezone based on their location. I could add the option of having all DateTime objects be set to a set timezone but I don't recommend it. It would be confusing to users to have part of the website in their native timezone and part in a different timezone.
  10. Jon Erickson


    I'll look into this. Thanks!
  11. Jon Erickson

    Hide Emails

    I'll add this as a setting!
  12. Jon Erickson

    Assignment Record Issue

    Changed Status to Needs More Information
  13. Jon Erickson

    Assignment Record Issue

    I am a little confused on what happened here. You cannot edit an assignment record to fix a wrong assignment. There is a warning message that relays this when trying to edit an assignment record. You need to either file a new assignment record or edit the soldier's personnel file directly.
  14. Jon Erickson

    Nexus License Key Request Log

    Correct. If you have products that issue license keys upon purchase, this application allows you to track who is using the license key (checking, activating, etc.).
  15. Jon Erickson

    Enlistment center disabled

    Check to make sure the Application module is not disabled for PERSCOM. In your ACP, go to Settings -> Applications -> and click on the drop down arrow for PERSCOM and make sure Applications is set to enabled.
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