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  1. Jon Erickson

    Award Medal/Ribbon based on TIS

    This would be a simple addition to the TIS task that is run every day. We'll add it to the service record settings of PERSCOM under the task tab.
  2. Currently the combat position sorts by title, in ascending order. We will change it to respect the order instead. Not a bug, just being sorted alphabetically.
  3. Jon Erickson

    Sort Personnel by Position

    Custom sorting is available in 1.2.0. We will be updating 9thSFGs copy tonight!
  4. Jon Erickson

    Key Test and uniforme generator

    We do not generate uniforms.
  5. Jon Erickson

    Key Test and uniforme generator

    PERSCOM does not auto-generate uniforms. You must upload them for each soldier you wish. At this time, we do not allow the ability to trial our product. We are planning for the future to have the ability to install for a trial period. You can test the product within our development environment, dev.deschutesdesigngroup.com. You can find login credentials on the download or store page for PERSCOM.
  6. Jon Erickson

    Can't View Personnel Files after 1.2.0

    Load the page that is throwing the error, log in to your ACP and proceed to Support -> System Logs and copy and paste the error backtrace to this thread!
  7. Some of our customers who use our product and also use Invision Power Board’s Cloud Hosting will run into an issue when updating to the latest version of PERSCOM (1.2.0). Currently IPS does not allow encoded applications within their cloud suite. Without access to the server configuration and manual installation of IonCube, this may seem like a dead end. Deschutes Design Group LLC can install PERSCOM for you, utilizing an unencoded version of our application at no extra cost. Since there is no access to server files via FTP/SSH etc, we are confident our product will still remain secure. If you utilize IPS Cloud Hosting, please contact us today and we will be more than happy to get you up and running with PERSCOM Soldier Management System!
  8. Jon Erickson

    Staff Roster Adjustment

    We agree, something needs to be done about this awkward empty space. There is about equal requests for wanting to display the OIC/NCOIC, and then not using it. I think what we’ll do is implement a feature that allows you to design your own type of “row” on a per roster basis. Similiar to how a roster can be sorted individually, but we’ll allow you to add/remove the individual fields you want to display in the row. I have the same feature, on a lower level, available for the soldier table in the ACP when clicking Table Settings. Something similiar to this. I think that will solve your issue and continue to provide complete customization.
  9. The long anticipated wait for PERSCOM 1.2.0 has finally come to an end! Go head on over to the downloads section of our website to get yourself a copy. But wait, do you have IonCube Loader installed? DO NOT install PERSCOM until you have that PHP extension loaded. Your website will receive an error until the loader is installed or you've deleted PERSCOM. We've included instructions on how to install the loader. Make sure you visit them, and if you have any questions, PLEASE, first contact your webs hosting provider as they have the most information about how to install it for you. IonCube IonCube Loader Installation Instructions: Click Here Minimum Loader Version: 10.1.0 ChangeLog Added NEW FEATURE: Promotion Points. Track promotion points for each soldier, determining if they are eligible for Promotion. PERSCOM will even let you know when you have a solider eligible. NEW FEATURE: Notes. Add notes to a soldier, tracking them throughout their tenure with your organization. Notes will be a new tab in a soldier's personnel file. Assign permissions to note to control who can see the note. NEW FEATURE: Rosters. Assign your combat units and administrative units to a roster, allowing a viewer to switch between rosters. This provides further customization of your organizational hierarchy. Rosters work on a one-to-one or one-to-many relationship. They are very customizable. A Combat unit must be assigned to a roster, while administrative units do not. We'll create your first roster in the upgrade process. New powerful personnel sort options. Choose how your personnel are sorted on a per-roster basis. Modified the soldiers table in the ACP to display columns only you want to see. Added several more statistics to the personnel ACP page. *** Files are now encoded with IonCube. You must have the IonCube Loader installed to run this application. *** Fixed Fixed a permission bug that prevented an admin from adding a service/combat records using the multimod feature on the manage soldier page. Searching within the ACP now properly returns the items you are looking for. Assigning a soldier to an administrative unit now properly places them in their corresponding forum group. Permission bug fixed for Personnel Custom Fields. You can now properly assign permissions and attach to an application custom field. Weapon permissions now properly work.
  10. Jon Erickson

    "Application Status" in header menu

    Have you modified the menu yourself because currently it does disappear! Once a user is in PERSCOM as a soldier, the whole Enlistment Center tab disappears. Also, if you think you may have found a bug, in the bottom right of the screen, there is a Report A Bug button. You may use that to submit a bug!
  11. Jon Erickson

    Issue with Award Permissions

    Changed Status to Closed
  12. Jon Erickson

    Issue with Award Permissions

    I don't believe this is a bug. Because an Award is a subnode of an Award Category, make sure they have add permission for an award category. This should fix the problem. Theres no way to isolate the category and award add permission unfortunately. Edit, delete and permissions are all isolated however.
  13. Jon Erickson

    Idea: Notes on personnel files/applications

    At this point, notes are being managed by IPS' native permissions system which is group based. This means, if the note is visible to lets say, the Members group, every person in the Members group will be able to see it. IPS doesn't integrate well with individual based permissions. I can definitely see the advantage here and will look into it.
  14. Jon Erickson

    Idea: Notes on personnel files/applications

    @Ashton I just removed the 'Soldier can view?' option. It was redundant. You can use the native IPS permissions system to only show the note to an administrator group to prevent the soldier from seeing it!
  15. Jon Erickson

    PERSCOM IonCube Integration - Important News!

    Thanks for the question! We will be using IonCube 10.
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