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  1. Jon Erickson

    Version 1.2.0

    Sometime within this week, the next build will be released. The personnel file link has disappeared as now you can click on the rank image to view their personnel file. This aligns with IPB's general forum styling.
  2. Jon Erickson

    How are PARs handled?

    Correct, they all appear in the system in one spot. The only permissions that can be set are who can submit them. Optionally, I can add a permission for who can manage them as well. But for the time being, creating the ability for PARs to go to certain places, squad leaders etc, is a little specific. Until a organizational chart can be built into the back end to help manage chain of command, it’ll be hard to implement that correctly. But I will add the option to choose who can manage them.
  3. Jon Erickson

    Activity Tracker

    All great suggestions, will be implemented next release! The status changed back when reported in is not a feature but can be easily implemented. I like the idea of ignoring certain groups for the activity tracker, great idea!
  4. Jon Erickson

    Trouble updating Perscom to 1.1.0

    Had you already tried running the upgrade once and then tried again? 1.1.0 introduced the new database fields and it appears they were already in your DB when you tried to run the upgrade. When you upgrade, only the files in the upgrade folder of setup are run. The data/schema.json is only for fresh installs. I'll make sure to add a check in future upgrades when adding DB tables incase they already exist! Thanks and I am glad you were able to work around it!
  5. Jon Erickson

    Primary Group Management

    Can you provide an example workflow so we have better understanding? Thanks
  6. Jon Erickson

    Option to use a single name

    Great recommendation! And easy to implement as well! It has been integrated for the next release!
  7. Jon Erickson

    Soldier Supervisor Selection

    Similar to administrative units, how about assigning a NCOIC/OIC to that unit and then when you are assigned to that unit, your supervisor is automatically changed? I would of course also create a setting to switch between auto set supervisors and manually set supervisors.
  8. Jon Erickson

    Primary Group Management

    I'm working on developing a set of definable "actions" that can be applied to a PERSCOM process. So for example....you could set up your own custom action to 1. move a group, 2. change a status, and 3. add a service record entry and then after each PERSCOM process (promotion, demotion, award, assignment, etc), you can choose what happens by selecting one of your defined actions. I think this will help increase the flexibility and customizability of the system! So stay tuned!
  9. Jon Erickson

    Enlistment Date Incorrect

    Changed Status to Closed
  10. Jon Erickson

    Enlistment Date Incorrect

    Good catch. This bug has been fixed to use the date the application was submitted rather than the application process date.
  11. Jon Erickson

    reportIn task

    Changed Status to Closed
  12. Jon Erickson

    reportIn task

    Bug has been fixed. Task will no longer execute if report in date is empty or NULL.
  13. Jon Erickson

    Primary Group Management

    Correct. I opted not to have PERSCOM manage primary groups as I believe in the long run, it would be better to leave each organization with their own ability to manage primary groups with PERSCOM managing the secondary groups. I believe this will help with better flow.
  14. Jon Erickson

    Change Status on New Assignment Record

    I like it. I'll add it to the list.
  15. Unfortunately due to a massive backend upgrade, and frankly, a complete different piece of software (IPB 3 to IPB 4 is the equivalent of English to Spanish), there is no way to import data from PERSCOM 1 to PERSCOM 2. We wish this could have been a possibility, but it was not our choosing.



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