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  1. Devilsigh

    Version 1.2.0

    When is the next build expected? Just curious on the time frame. Also, what happened to the "Personnel File" button on people's posts on forums with the forum extension? That disappeared when I upgraded to the new version of everything.
  2. Devilsigh

    How are PARs handled?

  3. Devilsigh

    Option to use a single name

    Thank you. Not being forced to use 2 different names will make our lives a lot easier.
  4. Devilsigh

    How are PARs handled?

    As the title says, I had a question about how Personnel Action Requests are handled. Are they just lumped into the system where a defined group receives all of them? If so, my suggestion would be to add an option where a PAR is only seen by relevant personnel, such as PARs for squad members going to their squad leader, etc. But of course allowing for flexibility, since some of my PARs will require a level of approval far above someone's immediate first-line supervisor. I feel like providing a description of how most of PERSCOM's functions actually work would be helpful. Most of us are just figuring this out as we go. I feel like we may not even understand the true scope and power of PERSCOM 2.0, so a little guidance would be helpful. Basically, what can it actually do? Type of thing.
  5. So one question I had was my clan, unlike Milsim clans, does not use someone's real, or real-like (False, but real sounding) names as identification, recruitment, etc. We use typical screen names, like most gamers do online. Is there a way to accomodate this in the PERSCOM system? I'm asking if it's possible to have a first and last name be optional, but still require at least one name. Also, allowing us to change the singular field to "Username" or something to that effect if this can be entertained. Currently, I am substituting the first name for the clan tag, and the last name for the username, but I would like to see an implementation where this is not required.
  6. Devilsigh

    Soldier Supervisor Selection

    Yes. Flexibility is key. 🙂
  7. Devilsigh

    Change Status on New Assignment Record

    I second this notion. Would remove a small amount of admin work when processing discharges, retirements, or placing a soldier on inactive status, or having someone return to active from any of the aforementioned statuses.
  8. Devilsigh

    Soldier Supervisor Selection

    I would even suggest having a way to tie it to a group. Like if you're assigned to, for example: 1st Squad, 1st Platoon, Alpha Company, it would default to that Squad Leader. Is this possible? Or would that require the code to be changed to accommodate each unit having an appointed leader in the system? Or is there a way to build this feature in?
  9. Devilsigh

    Automated Time In Service/Grade, like before

    PERSCOM 1.0 had Time In Grade/Service listed on a personnel record and calculated automatically based upon the entry values for their date of enlistment, as well as most recent date of promotion.
  10. Devilsigh

    Change certain profile fields

    Worked flawlessly. Thank you.
  11. Devilsigh

    Batch Add Combat Record/Awards

    Just ensuring that this is the case. I don't mind them being folded into service records.
  12. Is this a planned feature, like in PERSCOM 1.0?
  13. Devilsigh

    Change Username on Processing Applicant

    I think it would be a good idea for milsim clans. I, however, do not plan on using this feature. So if added, allow the option for no name change to occur as well.
  14. Devilsigh

    Batch Add Combat Record/Awards

    So awards have been moved to Service Records, rather than having their own dedicated space on a personnel file?



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