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  1. Is there anyway to get this format of roster in the new version of PERSCOM?
  2. I like the first one with the OIC and NCOIC listed at the top. If the OIC can always be fixed to the left and the NCOIC to the right so its uniformed that be great. My S2 won't have a NCOIC for awhile so to have it match and not be centered be perfect.
  3. Could a expand arrow be possible still? Since I wanted to add like up to 5-7 roles to each person who qualify I think it would still cut off. Medical Instructor, Explosives Instructor and so on.
  4. We have a lot of staff roles and some people have two or three so it cuts off the name of the role. Could we have the option to hide the OIC and NCOIC and have the roles use that space since we mention it in the staff roles anyways? Just an idea to have it all visible and clean. OR here is a better idea. Have a drop down or some sort of arrow that expands the roles to save space. http://2ndrb.org/ipb/index.php?/perscom/personnel/roster/2-staff-roster/
  5. You could just have it sort like with the awards, based on the order they are in like in the screenshot. If you manage to push an update for the staff roster for this weekend that would be amazing!
  6. Hey that was fast and looks great! I assume we can choose which rosters show (Combat & Staff) and then sort the members on the staff roster by job since a Jr NCO might be a NCOIC of a shop with a Warrant Officer as a clerk?
  7. Ideally yes because everyone has a combat role or personnel file role but not everyone has a staff role. So it'd only show staff section members.
  8. Would it be possible to have a staff roster generated with the personnel assigned to each shop? It could be sorted in the navigation menu under PERSCOM as Staff Files to be uniformed. It would only need to mirror the Personnel Files but instead sort and list by S Shop and job. Ex S-1 Personnel Officer. IPB has a staff directory but it would be nice to link to the PERSCOM file not forum one. I know PERSCOM is used by groups without a strictly military setting but I'm sure each group would have a need for a staff roster.
  9. I can't post under the 'Report a Bug' area so I hope here works. Inside the adminCP When you manage soldiers or filter by rank, name or MOS it generates an error. If anyone has an idea of how or where to fix this please let me know.
  10. Can we have a way to batch add service records like with the combat records? Because at the bottom bar I have. promote, demote, action status, and awards. I don't see an option to enter a batch for service record unless I'm missing it. This is under the soldiers tab by the way.
  11. It would be, if you could add it please.
  12. Wait, then my roster will start with Colonel and all the officer ranks and have Pvt at the bottom of the page. Dosen't it make sense to start at Pvt on the roster and end at Col because most people are checking for the enlisted rank requirements not the warrant and officer ones?
  13. Is there a way to sort this so the SL and TL are at the top of the list?
  14. Is there a time-frame on that so I can pass it to my guys? 😄
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