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  1. NC1787

    How are PARs handled?

    Thank you for the replies. I look forward to seeing the update.
  2. NC1787

    How are PARs handled?

    @Jon Erickson Is the above something that could be done? I think it would be a much quicker way to improve the PAR system and would avoid you having to build out a fully dynamic CoC system. All of the items I referenced to be called during PAR form creation should be existing DB info to pull from.....IE: Soldier's Supervisor, Users with a certain Admin Unit, Users with a certain Admin position.
  3. NC1787

    How are PARs handled?

    Would it be to hard to only allow a soldier's supervisor the ability to approve/deny certain PARs? Provided a soldier's supervisor is set, I cannot imagine it would be to hard. A dynamic Chain of Command system would probably be pretty difficult to get set up, but what if you could have basic settings during the creation of the PAR to select who gets notified and who the certain PAR shows up for in the PAR admin list for. I envision the system working something like this: During PAR form setup you can select one of a few handling options....Who gets to view/handle the PAR in the PAR admin list....select either the soldier's supervisor, a certain Administrative Unit or a certain Administrative Position or just anyone who has permissions to manage them (as it is now). Some items like Leave requests and such could be handled by a Soldier's supervisor. This allows the Soldier's supervisor to be informed of some things with their direct reports. Other things like assignment change requests could be handled by one of a few personnel clerks....either in a Admin Unit or Admin Position. A retirement request could be set to be handled by a separate group of personnel clerks. All of this being decided by a few drop downs in on the PAR form creation. A unit would be able to create these Administrative Units and Positions as they needed and then configure the PAR request forms to send forms to those certain groups. Having the option to select which group you want to handle the PAR would be very helpful for large communities. A large community may have many people who need to handle PARs but not all PARS. Having to sort through a list to see if any or which one applies to you may prove to be difficult. I would imagine it would be easier to implement something like that which is based off certain groups or one person(direct supervisor) which you already have built in and can probably call easier instead of a full fledged CoC system.
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