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  1. Ignacio Pablo Duro

    Can't View Personnel Files after 1.2.0

    Update: I've enabled rewrite URLs within the ACP, but now I'm getting a 404 not found IPS4 system error. (code 1S160/2) every time I try to acces a personnel file, or the Administrative Roster.
  2. Ignacio Pablo Duro

    Can't View Personnel Files after 1.2.0

    Hey everyone! After moving from 1.1 to 1.2, I'm not being able to properly access a personnel file. When I click over the soldier's name to access the personnel file, I'm being redirected to my site's home page. Curious thing is that the URL is correct, I mean, when I click over a soldier, I'm being redirected to http://www.armacls.com/index.php?/perscom/personnel/soldier/1-pablo-duro/, but I see my home page Here is a short gif for better understanding. https://i.gyazo.com/38db4836b048dfbc2ff507476610d921.mp4 Any ideas? Thanks!
  3. Ignacio Pablo Duro

    "Application Status" in header menu

    Hey! I've noticed that "Application Status" doesn't disappear from PERSCOM Dropdown menu (on the header) after being processed. I think that to avoid a misunderstanding, once the application is processed, it should disappear from the header. In case that you cannot make it go away, maybe it's a good idea to change the literal to "See Application" once is processed Cheers! PD: I didn't know where to upload this topic, cause maybe it's not a feature request, but a bug
  4. Ignacio Pablo Duro

    Missing Images

    Hey! Since I've installed PERSCOM, I've noticed that I'm missing some images, like country flag and perscom icon over the ACP I'm using XAMPP with PHP7 to host the suite Does anybody have any ideas on how to solve this? PERSCOM Icon Missing: Flag Icon Missing: Thanks!
  5. Hi! I think It would be great if, after "end date" of a calendar event passes, an automatic combat record is generated over the assistant's personnel files Of course, PERSCOM wouldn't be able to add detailed info on it, just event title Keep up the good work! Pablo
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