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  1. Ashton

    Idea: Availability

    Hi Guys, I have another idea, this one I think would be fairly simple to implement. Within our unit I made a very crude PHP script, this script simply shows the availability of positions within the unit like so which is taken from a database. We have a page in which we can add positions and edit the availability and then a widget which allows us to display the iFrame of the PHP page. I was thinking maybe this could be implemented into PERSCOM fairly easily, having just an admin page which allows you to add the positions and the availability and maybe link these with a combat unit and then have a widget like below (but looking 100% better) which will show the details. Ofcourse make this feature optional as not all units would use something like this. Just another two cents from me! Thanks!
  2. Summary: Logs not showing Service Record or Combat Record Steps to Reproduce: Create a service record or combat record and check the PERSCOM Logs in adminCP Expected Results: Should see Created Service Records - Some Service Record Actual Results: You only see Created Service Records - with no description of the record that was added. Occurs with both service and combat records. Version/Build: PERSCOM 1.1.4 Configuration: IPB 4.3
  3. Ashton


    So after getting my head around finishing up our new website I have finally had time to sit down and brainstorm how this should work. Here's what we have come up with so far. Member attends an event, training etc. After attending the earn a certain amount of points. A record admin will then add a combat/service record for the attenended members, we have thought of adding a simple option within the combat record form that says 'Promotion Points' which will accept a numeric value. Once submitting this it will then add a combat record and update the amount of promotion points they have, which should be displayed on their personnel file. We need to make sure the value is updating and not overwriting, i.e they already have 2 points they would get added another 2 so it would make 4 etc. I guess pretty much how a post count works on the forums. Now onto the management of these points, so within our unit, we take points away for promotions etc, so we ideally need some way of managing these points, so we thought about having this integrated into the soldiers module, a new column should be added that shows the current amount of points, and then on the dropdown for each member a Add promotion points form link and remove promotion points form link should be added. This form would would be like so.. Soldier* Amount of points* Reason* Submit This would then allow us to add any adhoc points and remove points. This could also be integrated into the checkbox system across multiple members, i.e buttons to add and remove points. We also looked way into the future and looked at the possibility of been able to have a certain amount of points trigger a certain color of the text of the points on their personnel file and the soldiers module in the admincp, i.e notify of us when ready for promotion, this could tie into the ranks system by defining a value per each rank of the amount of points they need. I.e 50 Points for SGT would trigger the number to go green, any other number that is not tied to a rank would go red. This I think however would require the system to know not to go green say if the member is already a CPL which requires 40 points and they have 45, it would only go green at 50 when ready for their next promotion. However, this is an idea for way into the future. Hope this somewhat makes sense! Thanks for this awesome system!
  4. Hi All, Think i've come across another bug, that seems like an easy fix to squash. I have noticed that without full admin access to the AdminCP you are unable to add combat records. I tested this across a few groups and combinations and it resulted in the same issue each time. So when you give a user/group the permission to add a combat record they do not get the button on combat records to add. However, if you give edit and delete the buttons appear for edit and delete, but the add button still does not appear. I thought it was our permissions at first but after playing around with test users and groups I think it is more of a bug within PERSCOM. Thanks!
  5. Hi Guys, I'm not sure if this is just me or not but whenever I use a dropdown I am unable to see all my Combat Units after the first. If i rearrange the order they appear, I think this is because the scroll bar either does not go low enough or the page does not auto adjust to allow the full Drop down menu to appear. As you can see by the screenshot there is more combat units but I can't move the page down low enough to see them. I am on a high res monitor so not sure if that's the issue. Thanks guys!
  6. Ashton

    Accessing Documents

    Great news. Thanks!
  7. Ashton


    That sounds awesome, I'll be sitting down with the unit leaders later on tonight to go through the idea and how it should ideally work. I'll post a reply with an in depth explanation etc shortly! Thanks 🙂
  8. Hi, Hoping someone can help. In our unit our members earn what we call 'Promotion Points' they earn these by completing trainings, operations etc. I have added a custom field to the Personnel file called promotion points but now i'm looking for some way to implement the following. What we are trying to achieve is been able to bulk add these points to members, my idea is to have a button/form in the soldiers module which will allow us to select the members and add and remove a certain amount of these points and a reason why they have got the points which will then show in their combat record or service record. I have so far managed to get the field showing on the soldiers module and a button added to the drop down but after looking through the files i'm stumped at how I could create a form to enable me to achieve what I want. A basic overview of the form would be List of members Amount of points awarded Type of ponts (Combat or Service) Reason for the points These points should be added to the already current value and not overwrite them. It would be similar for removing the points except this would simply be a form with the list of members and points to be removed. I understand this is a highly customizable feature and can understand if support for this would not be available, but i would be grateful for any pointers in the right direction 🙂 Thanks!
  9. Quick question, We are intending to use the documents section as a repo for all of our current documents. We have created a few test documents but don't know of a way to access them from within the main website. Can you point me in the right direction as to where to find the documents? Thanks!
  10. Ashton


    Awesome, thanks!
  11. Ashton

    Unable to bulk manage

    Adding it to the soldiers list would be awesome! In terms of the assignment list, I take it back. I managed to have a play around on our dev environment and got it to somewhat work but then realised there was no need for it as it would be more work to batch assign etc then just do a single assign.
  12. I am unable to bulk add combat records, service records, assignment records. When I go to soldiers and then click the checkboxes of who I want to add a record to it only gives me the options for 'Action_status', 'Promote Soldier', 'Demote Soldier', 'Award Soldier' & 'Delete Soldier'. Am I missing something or has this feature not yet been implemented for combat records etc? Thanks!
  13. Ashton


    I have noticed that when there is an update to someone's application in the notifications it says PERSCOM: There has been an update posted to *Yourname's* Application instead of it saying PERSCOM: There has been an update posted to *Applicant's Name* application. Can be slightly confusing when you see your own name appear after updating a bulk of applications and not knowing which applicants notification you are clicking on. Thanks!
  14. Hi, I have noticed that unlike PERSCOM 1 which would move an application thread automatically depending on the outcome PERSCOM 2 does not have that function. Is it possible to have this feature return? I.e If an application is accepted then PERSCOM should move the application to the 'Accepted' Forum and is it is denied then moved to the 'Denied' forum. Also automatically locking the thread at the same time would be handy. Thanks!
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