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  1. Hi, I've found a little niggle within PERSCOM, which I dont think is intentional. So I was looking through our assignment documents earlier and noticed that in the documents the supervisor is the current supervisor for the member, not the supervisor at the time the doc was created. I noticed there is 2 variables, assignment_supervisor and soldier_supervisor. I understand soldier_supervisor fetches the current supervisor, however, it seems assignment_supervisor is doing the same function and not pulling the supervisor from the assignment record in the database. Hope you understand what I mean, if not let me know. Thanks!
  2. @Jon Erickson I don't know if you are aware but it seems something is causing an issue with licensing. Is this due to you moving providers etc? Refreshing License data just returns the same values. Thanks
  3. Hi All, After processing a few qualification documents earlier today it lead to me thinking about been able to attach a service record or combat record entry to a document i.e Using a variable/tag like the following {service_record_name}, this will take the text from the entered service/combat record. Say if I enter 'Basic Combat Training' as the service record name and create a document for qualifications we should then be able to use {service_record_name} or {combat_record_name} to input that SR/CR text into the document. I don't know if this is possible as I know that documents will need to pull the record from the database to fill in to the document. However, the entry is not created until after the record is created. An alternative solution would be for us to be able to create a list of courses/qualifications in the PERSCOM backend which can then be used in the documents via tags. However, that solution I think would require that each course/qual would need its own individual tag which would make the tags box very long and somewhat confusing I guess.. I understand we could use the awards system for this, however, not all quals have an award to go with them, which i'm guessing is the case in most units. We as a unit have quite a few qualifications and courses and to create a document for each course would be quite a large task. Thanks
  4. Can confirm I have also experienced this multiple times. I unsure as if its caching the current soldiers and then re-caching after each page they visit.
  5. No problem dude anytime! Glad to help and glad you got it sorted 🙂
  6. It's cool dude, your OP was a bit vague that's all.. you can enable php error logging in your php.ini file if you have access to it.. if not your hosting provider should have an option to enable it. You can check if you have it on with phpinfo(). Thanks 🙂
  7. I Agree with @Arthur Cantu on this, it is a great idea and would work just as well.
  8. Ahh right, I see your point. It was mainly due to the fact not all perscom users are admin wizzes in ipb. However, given how granular the permissions are in IPB I can just set the admin groups to be able to manage users and groups etc. Thanks anyway! 🙂
  9. Do you have PHP error logging enabled? If so you should get an error.log file produced in the folder of your IPB install.. posting that here would give a clue as to what could be causing it so people can help you better dude! 🙂 Thanks
  10. Hi, The promotion points feature is working flawlessley, however, we have noticed one little 'niggle', adding promo points by combat records & service records is awesome. However, is it possible to have 2 buttons added to the soldiers module to allow us to add promotion points to selected soldiers, just a box asking for the amount of points would suffice. Also can it also work the opposite way around and have a option for removing points aswell? Thanks 🙂
  11. @Jon Erickson Is it possible expand on the notes feature to add a feature to add notes to someones application? Upon applying it would be helpful if admin staff can then add a note in the backend to the application i.e when a vac ban has been checked etc. Stuff the recruit doesn't need to see. Thanks 🙂
  12. Hi Guys, I know its possible to have secondary groups modified per combat unit etc, however, is it possible to have a members primary group changed upon accepting their application? So when a member is accepted their primary group is automatically changed to a group set in the PERSCOM settings? Is it also possible to be able to select multiple secondary groups for a combat unit or admin unit? Or have potentially have this feature added? Thanks 🙂
  13. I personally like this option more.
  14. We did give re ordering a try, but couldn't figure a way to get it to recognise the next rank for that division. However, I didn't realise it looked at the rank above. I shall have a play around. Thanks for the help.
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