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  1. Summary: Soldiers are not assigned to the corresponding Admin Unit's group when the soldier is edited, adding them to the admin unit positions.
  2. Arthur Cantu

    Country Flags Not Working

    <span class='flag-icon flag-icon-{expression="mb_strtolower($soldier->country)" raw="$soldier->country"}' data-ipstooltip="" _title="{lang='country-$soldier->country'}"></span> Interesting, the above works for us and how I have it implemented to include the country name on mouse over. Do those resources exist within your theme resources? I find that there is a bug that deletes resources which causes this error sometimes. I have to manually upload the flags again and it fixes it. CSS looks the same to me, there is no background url parsed because that resource isn't physically found in the system based on the naming convention. There are bug reports on IPB's site about this issue and supposedly its being investigated for a fix with 4.4 release. Basically it seems that when apps or plugins add resources, sometimes they change the filename of the resources, even though the resource is still there under the old filename such as uploads/set_resources_X/c0b56cc222cde0460c4bb40b45433af3_us.svg but will be renamed to a filename with a more recent date such as uploads/set_resources_X/ac493a35b67becbd8e183644baf404a2_us.svg So I suggest, check your theme resources see if they are there. If not, browse your set_resources_X (it will be 1 or 2 etc based on your theme) and you should have all the resources there to re-upload manually.
  3. Arthur Cantu

    Unable to bulk manage

    Bulk adding those items isn't currently an option from the Soldiers list. What you can do is under the Records Section select the relevant type - Combat or Service, then at the top right click on the Add Record button. From there you can bulk select soldiers to add the records. This doesn't currently work for assignments though.
  4. Arthur Cantu

    Movement of Applications

    Good suggestion.
  5. Arthur Cantu

    Batch Processes

  6. Arthur Cantu

    PAR Details - Demographics

    Please add soldier's name as well! I keep forgetting which soldier I'm working on as I go through the processes.
  7. Arthur Cantu

    PAR Widget

    Yes absolutely, although would not be a requirement for us.
  8. Arthur Cantu

    PAR Widget

    The permissions and manager improvements for PARs is great. But I still find that needing AdminCP access is a lot of extra steps for some requests. I'd like to suggest having a widget with editable options, for displaying PARs on the front end. Doesn't need to be managed, but only visible. Options could be by PAR type (only show TPRs, only show Discharges, or show all) filter by date (PAR's from past 30 days) and filter by status (submitted, oh hold, approved, or all) This would allow more control over who can see the PARs, without having to grant adminCP access. We have TPRs in our case where fireteam leader's need to see them, but that is literally the only thing they need, for them to be visible. Also this gives ability for senior leadership to view the requests at a glance without having to access adminCP. Example, I browse to unread content, can see if anything needs my attention from the forums, and then also in the side bar I can see if there are any PARs needing attention as well.
  9. Arthur Cantu

    Uniform Autogeneration

    Yea, I was envisioning that too, but then you might have some units that use full awards instead of ribbons: Or like in our case, we have ribbons but also have combat badges. Of course, you can account for all this, but it could get complicated pretty quickly.
  10. Arthur Cantu

    Uniform Autogeneration

    That's pretty cool. I had created the same concept using phpImageWorkshop to automatically generate our old uniform images -> This was automatically generated! However we opted to not use the script, as one of our duties available to soldiers is image creation. We were taking away a whole job function in our unit, which took away opportunities to earn awards and to show dedication and participation. I don't know how feasible it would be for perscom to integrate something like this, as each unit would have different requirements for how their shadowbox or uniform image would look. Compare your current one to our current one. I do honestly like your shadowbox though, and it's simple enough that a generic perscom shadowbox could be made, with options for generic background and insignia based on service. But then again, each unit has different ranks and awards, not necessary standard US Military. Anyway, I'm not answering for @Jon Erickson here, just participating in the discussion 🙂
  11. When Updating an Application, the change is not included in the forum reply. So you are required to use the text box to indicate what update is being performed. Not sure if this is a bug or if its change in functionality.
  12. Arthur Cantu

    Config/Server Error when updating to 1.1.2

    Did you edit the template file directly in that theme? If you switch to your default theme, you can see that it is working correctly. The way a majority of template functions are called was changed with this last update. For example the uniform (I don't remember the old) is now: {file='$soldier->uniform->url' extension='perscom_Uniform'} and status is: // 1.1.1 {template="status" params="$soldier" group="personnel" location="global" app="perscom"} // changed to in 1.1.2 {template="status" params="$soldier->status" group="personnel" location="global" app="perscom"}
  13. Summary: Attempting to edit a soldier who has uniform image uploaded produces error. Steps to Reproduce: click to edit soldier that has uniform uploaded. Version/Build: 1.1.2
  14. Arthur Cantu

    personnelList Sort Order

    Actually... now that I look closer it doesn't appear to be by member ID above, however on mine it appears so, probably coincidence. Not sure what it's sorting by then, but its not rank lol.
  15. Personnel list sorts by member ID, not rank. Side note: The Chief Special Warfare Operator rank is incorrect, Senior Chief is displaying 🤣
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