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  1. Arthur Cantu

    Activity Tracker

    If PERSCOM is set to create a forum topic when applications are submitted, would be nice to have a reply to that topic automatically submitted when the Application Status is changed, posted by the user that updated the status. When a soldier's reportIn date is greater than set frequency, the status is changed as intended. However when the soldier then reports in, the status is not changed back to it's previous state. Not sure if this is a bug or just not a design consideration. Option to add service record entry when the status is changed due to missing the report In frequency. And/or if set to assign to specific combat unit, file assignment entry added as well (not sure if it does this already, haven't tested.) Additionally, would be a good idea to enable certain status or group to ignore activity tracking. For us, Retired or LOA won't need to reportIn every x days, so no need to change their status.
  2. Arthur Cantu

    Soldier Supervisor Selection

    Option to assign applied NCOIC/OIC to a specific group as well? So I might have a group just for all the NCOIC/OIC personnel that can access a specific forum.
  3. Arthur Cantu

    Soldier Supervisor Selection

    I like the set OIC/NCOIC idea. I currently like how the New Assignment Record function pre-populates the From Combat Unit, but is still optional to choose something else. I think that would be a nice way to handle this.
  4. Arthur Cantu

    Primary Group Management

    Not sure how your workflow is designed specifically, but enlistment application processing, File Assignments, editing Administrative Duty Assignments, and discharges all manage secondary groups automatically.
  5. When processing an application, a Service Record entry is added "Enlisted" with the corresponding date. However the date being saved is the date the entry was added, not the date specified in the form.
  6. Arthur Cantu

    Soldier Supervisor Selection

    Would be beneficial to have a different sort method for Supervisor selection. Currently sorts by ID and with a lot of soldiers will be hard to find the specific one. Sort by last name would probably be better. (Enlistment app process, edit soldier) Also add supervisor selection to New Assignment Record as transfers will often include a change in leadership.
  7. I think it would be beneficial to have an option to change the soldier's status when adding a new Assignment Record. Different assignments may have applicable status changes such as for us, Retired, Leave of Absence, or from either of those back to active.
  8. Arthur Cantu

    Primary Group Management

    As I am using the system, I find that this may not be as necessary as I initially thought. Secondary groups manage permissions just as well as primary groups. The only real difference a Primary group gives, and please correct me if I am wrong, is the display of that group around the site. Such as on posting, in the hovercard, and in the profile page. I have found that this is reasonable for us, as I have chosen to simply replace the primary group display in all of these locations with the soldier's combat position and unit. This option will be available in a future PERSCOM plugin. This works for us and I imagine will for a majority of units as well.
  9. Got a warning message in admincp dashboard Running it manually gives the following error:
  10. Arthur Cantu

    Batch Add Combat Record/Awards

    The option for Batch Add Service Record is in the SERVICE RECORDS > Service Records tab/section.
  11. Arthur Cantu

    Way to sort members on the roster

    Correct, the sort order in the ranks display page will be the sort order of the soldiers in the personnel list. It's debatable what sort order is best, each unit will have its own methodology and logic. Some may find it more important to list it as a chain of command view with highest rank to lowest. Your idea also makes sense because you generally will have more PVTs than officers, so its easier for them to find their information at the top. It may be possible for @Jon Erickson to add a sort option on/for the ranks page, would be a nice addition.
  12. Arthur Cantu

    Way to sort members on the roster

    They are sorted based on order you have the ranks set up. So move your senior rank to the top of the list.
  13. Yes I think that would be beneficial for those instances.
  14. Summary: When a soldier is discharged, with personnel file deleted, they retain the user groups added by perscom.
  15. Arthur Cantu

    Automated Time In Service/Grade, like before

    I think he means a date_diff.



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