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Custom Soldier Row Screenshot

New Features Coming to PERSCOM

In an effort to provide as much customization to our products, we are excited to announce a new feature coming to PERSCOM, our Invison Power Board application used to track personnel, based on standard military practices.

One of the most attractive features in PERSCOM is the ability to build custom fields to track personnel characteristics that may differ from organization-to-organization. Our Custom Field feature allows everything from standard text, to rich content editors and image upload fields. These custom fields can then be added to a personnel file, customizing how the value is displayed.

Now to the new feature…we’ve added the ability for you to take these custom fields and add them to the personnel list on the frontend. Choose how they are displayed, add custom CSS to enrich their formatting, adjust column widths or simply re-arrange how they are ordered. Our new custom row feature allows you to remove the default profile fields, keep them, or just use all custom fields you design. We’re excited to add this ability to our popular personnel management system.

Keep checking our website for future updates and our plan to release the next iteration of PERSCOM.

Custom Soldier Row Screenshot