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About This Project


The Community Hive WordPress Plugin is an easy-to-use integration designed for your WordPress Community. It enables seamless sharing of content, including posts, with the innovative Community Hive service offered by Invision Power Services, Inc. This plugin is built on the robust roots/acorn framework, which facilitates the incorporation of various popular Laravel tools into your WordPress plugin. Beneath the surface, the plugin boasts a robust API service that interacts with the Community Hive API, effectively consolidating and highlighting your content while driving increased user traffic back to your community. Moreover, the plugin is open-source, allowing you to explore its inner workings on GitHub.

Project Details

Technologies Used

  • Language: PHP
  • Framework: WordPress, Roots Acorn, Laravel, Symfony
  • Tools: Docker, Docker Compose, Github Actions, PHP-Scoper, Bud.js, Laravel Pint, PHPStan, Composer, ESLint
  • Style: TailwindCSS
  • Other: MySQL
Budget: $1500
Company: Community Hive
Community Hive