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About This Project


The WordPress Plugin Template is an adaptable GitHub project that provides a ready-made foundation for launching your upcoming WordPress Plugin project. It comes equipped with a robust set of tools, including Laravel from the Roots Acorn project, Docker Compose, Bud.js, TailwindCSS, PHP-Scoper (for efficient dependency namespace management), ESLint, PHPStan, and Laravel Pint. Also included in the project is a set of GitHub actions to help efficiently and effectively manage your CI/CD pipelines. This template encompasses all the essential components to kickstart your project effortlessly. Don’t hesitate to explore the source code today!

Project Details

Technologies Used

  • Language: PHP
  • Framework: WordPress, Roots Acorn, Laravel, Symfony
  • Tools: Docker, Docker Compose, Github Actions, PHP-Scoper, Bud.js, Laravel Pint, PHPStan, Composer, ESLint
  • Style: TailwindCSS
  • Other: MySQL
WP Plugin Template