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About This Project

Design, Development

Nitro Energy, with a nationwide presence across the United States, specializes in solar sales. Their standout offering, the Nitro Energy App, design and developed by Deschutes Design Group LLC, is a tailor-made, white-label web application engineered to streamline the workflow of their sales force. This app boasts an in-house, fully integrated sales onboarding system. It guides prospective associates through a sequence of tasks, culminating in their transition to fully-fledged team members. This efficient process offers a seamless experience for Nitro Energy staff, enhancing the recruitment pace of sales associates.

Moreover, the app seamlessly blends the sales process into Nitro Energy’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This integration ensures all sales data is consolidated in one central hub, while providing an easy-to-navigate and user-friendly interface for the sales team. This harmonization of processes and data accentuates the efficiency and effectiveness of the sales operations at Nitro Energy.

Project Details

Technologies Used

  • Language: PHP
  • Framework: Laravel, Livewire, Filament
  • Tools: Docker Compose, Github Actions, Laravel Pint, PHPStan, Composer, Vite, Alpine.js, Jetstream, Volt, Horizon, Telescope, Pulse
  • Style: TailwindCSS
  • Deployment: Laravel Forge, AWS
  • Other: MySQL, Redis, Sentry, S3, Simple Email Service
Budget: $10000
Company: Nitro Energy
Nitro Energy