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About This Project

Design, Development, Support

Levi’s Sawmill, LLC is a locally rooted and environmentally conscious sawmill nestled in the picturesque town of La Pine, Oregon. Our website showcases a meticulously crafted, fully customized frontend and backend powered by Laravel and Vue.js technologies. Within the website, you’ll find a range of forms strategically designed to enhance customer retention. Additionally, we’ve developed a unique pricing calculator that provides real-time quotes to potential clients. These quotes are generated based on the inventory data managed through our user-friendly administrative control panel.

To ensure the smooth and efficient development process, we employ Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) practices using GitHub Actions. This means that every time a commit is pushed to the master branch, the latest version of our web application is automatically deployed. Our website is hosted on the reliable AWS platform and efficiently managed through Laravel Forge, a tailor-made deployment solution designed specifically for Laravel-based web applications.

Project Details

Technologies Used

  • Language: PHP, Javascript
  • Framework: Laravel, Intertia.js
  • Tools: Docker, Docker Compose, GitHub Actions, Composer, Laravel Nova
  • Frontend: Vue.js, Vite, PostCSS, Tailwind CSS
  • Deployment: AWS via Laravel Forge
  • Other: MySQL, Redis
Budget: $4500
Company: Levi's Sawmill