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About This Project

Design, Development, Support

Public Safety Rosters (PSR) offers a comprehensive solution for employee scheduling and timekeeping, specifically tailored for Public Safety agencies. This system is expertly designed to simplify and tackle the intricacies inherent in shift-based work scheduling. PSR comes equipped with a range of features aimed at streamlining the management process.

Key functionalities include automated shift patterns, which alleviate the burden of manually organizing work schedules. The application also offers customizable calendar and roster views, allowing agencies to tailor the interface to their specific needs. Additionally, PSR supports qualification and rank tracking, ensuring that staffing aligns with the required skill sets and hierarchies.

Another standout aspect of PSR is its capability for data exporting and integration. The system is empowered by a robust API, facilitating seamless integration with other software tools and systems. This feature not only enhances the flexibility of PSR but also ensures that it can adapt to various operational requirements of Public Safety agencies.

Project Details

Technologies Used

  • Language: PHP, Javascript, HTML, Blade Templating
  • Framework: Laravel, Vue.js, Livewire, Bref
  • Tools: Docker, Docker Compose, GitHub Actions, Webpack, Composer
  • Deployment: AWS via Serverless Framework
  • Other: MySQL, Redis