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New Account Login Method Starts May 1st

We’ve mentioned it a few times, but were excited to announce that Deschutes Design Group LLC will be releasing and implementing our Single Sign-On (SSO) solution to our customers beginning May 1st.

What does this mean for you? On May 1st, when you login to one of our online services such as our community forums, support tickets/help desk, or account services, you will be redirected to a central login page that after successfully logging in, will log you in to every online service we have. No longer will you have to remember multiple passwords.

We’re excited to bring you this new service as we expect it to improve your user experience and ease tasks such as updating your billing account, purchasing new services, posting a question on our forums or submitting a support ticket for help.

Below we’ve highlighted some key points to remember as you transition to this new SSO service.

Things to be aware of:

  1. Please login using your email as your username.
  2. You may use any password from any of our online services such as the Community Forums or My Account (Hosting, Domains, Email).
  3. When you login for the first time, your account will be created using the password you successfully logged in with.
  4. You may also use a social login such as Google or Facebook. Please be aware that the email associated with the social account needs to be the same as your account with us. If not, a new account will be created and we will have to manually attach the account to your old one.
  5. If you receive an invalid login, first check to make sure you are using an email address. Second, retrieve your login credentials you used for the Community Forums, or My Account. Make sure to use the exact same credentials.
  6. If you still cannot login, please submit a support ticket and we will assist you with the transition.

Jon Erickson is the Owner of Deschutes Design Group LLC and has been in the web design and development business for several years, designing websites and building applications for hundreds of organizations. Jon is also a full-time Firefighter/Paramedic when not working for Deschutes Design Group LLC.

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