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New Partnership Announcement with

At Deschutes Design Group LLC, we’re delighted to share the news of our latest partnership with Our joint venture is setting the stage for a transformative community forum experience with the launch of a seamless integration between our application and Forumify’s new advanced forum platform. This integration is designed to empower our clients with a dual set of capabilities, merging the robust functionalities of Forumify’s forum software with the comprehensive personnel management tools that PERSCOM provides. We’re eagerly anticipating the enhanced value this will bring to our clients.

In light of recent developments, particularly the shift away from the Invision Community platform due to increased pricing and the removal of the app marketplace, we’ve listened to our clients’ needs for a more autonomous personnel management system. Our cloud-based solution,, is the answer to this, offering unparalleled flexibility and independence, coupled with the promise of new, first-party integrations like our upcoming collaboration with Forumify.

For all our existing and prospective clients, we recommend staying connected with Deschutes Design Group LLC as well as signing up at You’ll receive the latest updates and insights on how to make the most of these exciting new features.


Jon Erickson is the Owner of Deschutes Design Group LLC and has been in the web design and development business for several years, designing websites and building applications for hundreds of organizations. Jon is also a full-time Firefighter/Paramedic when not working for Deschutes Design Group LLC.

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