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PERSCOM Reinvented: Now In The Cloud (Open Beta)

We are excited to announce that our PERSCOM standalone service is now in open beta and available for the public to try out. At Deschutes Design Group LLC, we have managed and developed PERSCOM from its initial days when it was first used on PHP Nuke. Some may remember those old days. Fast forward 10 years, we’ve now seen PERSON developed into its third iteration and deployed to the cloud where no installation and management of third-party software is required. We’ve backed our product with a powerful API that will allow you to integrate your personnel data into any third-party service you need. Whether that’s Invision Community, Discord, or a custom website, our API is agnostic and will help you continue to develop the communities you already have.

Jon Erickson is the Owner of Deschutes Design Group LLC and has been in the web design and development business for several years, designing websites and building applications for hundreds of organizations. Jon is also a full-time Firefighter/Paramedic when not working for Deschutes Design Group LLC.

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